About The Artisan Workshops

One way we can pay homage to the simplicity and beauty of things and peoples past is having a little piece of history in our homes. Even better is learning the time honoured, generations old skills that made them in the first place. It sure is cheaper and easier just to buy your furniture from a super store and chutney from the supermarket, but that is kind of missing the point…

“The insanity of overconsumption bothers me. Talk about the opiate of the masses. It ain’t religion anymore, it’s stuff. Why don’t governments stop people from making crap?”

-Emma Thompson, Actress. All hail to Emma.

These workshops are also about making a wee but mighty stand against the massive wave of rampant consumerism that relentlessly implores us to chuck out the old and buy brand spanking new. This mad materialism comes with a very heavy price - questionable ethics, conformity, compromised longevity, resource depletion ... and oh so little soul.

In the face of the exploding sprawl of suburbs, previously unheard of apartment living, the demise of the ¼ acre section and super centres and malls as far as the eye can see, we have seen the simultaneous rise of “vintage”, “retro” and “op shopping”. It seems that despite everything, some of us are wanting to just slow down a tick, to take stock, to look back and learn about how things were done in the past without actually going back there. Many of us have distinct childhood memories of times in kitchens, or in gardens, often in the company of grandparents or aunties and uncles. Perhaps we remember these times with nostalgia because instinctively part of us knows that it was just so right.

Do you remember?

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❝ Pay homage to the simplicity and beauty of things and peoples past. Learn generations old skills. Stuff with Soul. Beginners Upholstery, Sewing, Green Living and more.❞


❝ The Artisan Workshops are about making a wee but mighty stand against the massive wave of rampant consumerism that relentlessly implores us to chuck out the old and buy brand spanking new ❞



Upholstery for Beginners

How to Prune Fruit Trees

Master that Machine

Ways with Wood

Landscaping for Beginners

Pieces from Pallets

Grow a Gorgeous Flower Garden

Grow a Successful Vege Garden

Great for the Guts

Testimonials from Workshoppers

Really enjoyed the workshop and now feel much more confident with my machine and all the tips we picked up. Who knew my machine could do a reverse stitch and that is how you avoid having to tie knots all the time! Great day of mother and daughter time with something productive and pleasant achieved. We went home and finished our cushions and are inspired to do more.

Sarah, Mum & Daughter Workshopper

Christina, thank you so much for such an enjoyable course! I know now I can tackle my machine with more confidence and look forward to playing. Look forward to hearing news of your courses. Keep up the good work you are amazing. .

Faye, Sewing Workshopper

Emma and I got heaps out of the course and I wouldn't change a thing! The fact that Emma came home, changed the foot and finished the cushion on her own is a huge achievement. I feel much more confident and motivated so I think the course was perfect and well worth it!

Anissa, Mother & Daughter Sewing Workshoppers
Thank you for the instruction! It was very satisfying going away with something (mostly) completed. I would definitely be keen to drop in on the next course (babysitter permitting) - and it would be excellent having your experience there to call on. I have a friend who is interested in coming as well. Thanks again and now just need to find another chair haha!
Susan, Upholstery Workshopper